What is Shikkui?

As an all-natural lime plaster, Shikkui actively improves indoor air quality while also providing a multitude of other health and home benefits. Its highly porous makeup gives it the ability to regulate humidity in any space and its antimicrobial properties creates an inhospitable surface for viruses and bacteria to grow. Along with these benefits Shikkui also strengthens over time as it oxidises, making it a chosen surface coating for interiors & exteriors.

From Japanese temples and castles, to luxury penthouses and commercial spaces. Shikkui has been used as an interior & exterior wall coating and in tilework with the use of Shikkui-made Limix marble tiles. Given its versatility and ability to absorb VOCs and odours from the air, Shikkui can also be found on a smaller scale in ShikkuiCUBE, a collection of small air deodourizers and Ecopo, a Shikkui made flowerpot.

  • Interiors and Exteriors

    Shikkui is a natural lime plaster coating for interior and exterior walls, and ceilings. It comes in a multitude of finishes, from high-gloss to matte and textured designs. It's perfect for achieving an all over subtle effect or creating accent walls, all while providing a multitude of health and home benefits.

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  • Limix Shikkui Marble Tiles

    A Shikkui based tile that has the same health & home benefits present in Shikkui wall coatings and has marble-like hardness. Available in custom and standard colour options as well as custom designs makes it ideal as floor and wall tiles used for residential and commercial spaces.

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  • ShikkuiCUBE & Ecopo

    These Shikkui-based home goods provide decorative uses for some of Shikkui’s exceptional attributes. From decorative air deodorizers to your very own DIY modelling kit, each are unique ways to incorporate the use of a sustainable and regenerative product on a smaller scale.

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Health & Home Benefits

Absorbs Odours & VOCs An outline of a leaf

Shikkui is highly porous which allows it to actively improve indoor air quality by absorbing and trapping VOCs and odours. This ability has made Shikkui an ideal surface coating for those with chemical sensitivities and for high-usage areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

What's it made of?

Slaked Lime

Slaked Lime

Sourced from Kansui marble, this natural binder provides high alkali properties to the material (12pH) making it antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and providing fire resistant properties. It also absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, gradually hardening and turning back into calcium carbonate - a process known as "carbonation".


Shikkui vs. Others

VOC aborbing



Humidity Regulating

Decorative Textures

Large Colour Selction

Lifespan 50





As a versatile building material, Shikkui application can range from high-end decorative finishes to cost-saving solutions both for residential and commercial buildings. The application requires a trained professional in order to ensure the health & home benefits are activated and to achieve specific finishes.

Whether it’s a luxurious stone finish for residential or hospitality projects, low-maintenance exteriors for commercial buildings, smooth or textured surfaces - the innovative and flexible Shikkui system has been engineered to deliver any desired results without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Environmental Certification


Shikkui is Cradle to Cradle certified at a Silver Level. Which demonstrates our product's commitment to preserving a healthy ecosystem.

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Shikkui contributes towards 11 LEED credits in the following categories: MR-1 (Building Reuse), MR-2
(Construction Waste Management), MR-4 (Recycled Content), MR-6 (Rapidly Renewable Materials), IEQ 4 (Low-Emitting Materials)

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leed certification logo


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Japan Prime Minister's Grand Award for innovation and development.

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