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Living Green Homes creates healthier homes using Shikkui, a sustainable and regenerative, Japanese building material that actively creates a healthier living environment.

What is Shikkui?

Shikkui is an all-natural lime plaster that actively improves indoor air quality.

It is made from slaked lime of high calcium purity, pure white marble, eggshells, and seaweed extracts that rid the air of VOCs and unwanted odours. Shikkui is used as a building material for interior and exterior walls or on a smaller scale, as air deodorizers for your home or office. Other in-home products made from Shikkui are Limix Shikkui Marble Tiles, ShikkuiCUBE, and EcoPo. Used in Japan for 5 millenia, it is strong, versatile, and beautiful.

Environmental Certifications

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Interiors & Exteriors

Shikkui applied to interior and exterior walls requires a trained professional. This unique to Shikkui application process must be properly adhered to in order to ensure its health and home benefits are activated, and specific finishes are properly achieved.

Limix Shikkui Marble Tiles

As a sustainable alternative to floor & wall tiles, Limix tiles are Shikkui based and formed under high pressure to preserve the health & home benefits of Shikkui while achieving marble-like properties.


Made from Shikkui, these natural air deodourizers complement any space and eliminate VOCs and unwanted odours from the air. As a sustainable alternative to common air deodourizers, simply expose the cubes to UV light monthly to refresh and reuse.


A Do-It-Yourself Shikkui-based flowerpot modelling kit that requires no baking. Just add water and simply apply your imagination, let dry and enjoy.