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One Tree Planted

Tree to be Planted

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Tree by One Tree Planted


Slaked Lime: Sourced from Kamsui marble, this natural binder provides high alkali properties to the material making it antiviral, anti-bacterial, and antifungal. 

Diatomaceous Earth: A highly porous and absorbent mineral, is an effective regulator of indoor humidity, it also absorbs and traps VOC gases and odour. 

Marble Powder: Calcium carbonate  made from crushed marble adds natural durability.

Eggshells: Shikkui contains up to 50% upcycled eggshell aggregate - a calcium carbonate substitute making it similar to marble.

Seaweed: Actively contributes to the remarkably smooth workability and elasticity of Shikkui plasters without the use of harmful additives.

Plant/mineral Fibre: Upcycled Jute, Pulp and Mineral Fibres strengthen Shikkui’s binding properties.

Oxide Titanium: Provides the photocatalytic function of ShikkuiCUBE


16 (approx. 2 cm) cubes, total weight: 250 gramspackage size: 12.5 x 12.5 x 5 cms (l x h x w), total package weight: 330 grams

Care Instructions

As a regenerative air deodorizer Lumie Cubes break down all absorbed odours with exposure to UV light, refreshing the cubes and allowing them to be reused. For additional care, simply wipe the cubes with a damp cloth.

How ShikkkuiCUBES Work

ShikkkuiCUBES employ the air-purifying photocatalytic ability. ShikkkuiCUBES naturally absorbs odour. The particles absorbed are deterioriated by UV rays, and the ShikkkuiCUBE is naturally refreshed.

odour in air

odour absorption

odour is trapped

decomposition by photocatalysis

decomposition continues

ShikkkuiCUBE is refreshed

ShikkkuiCUBE is ready to absorb odour


The product is based is made from natural materials like slaked lime and safe minerals such as oxide of titanium which provides the photocatalytic function.


The elegant rearrangeable cube-type design would fit in with any interior.


Decomposing energy is obtained from sunlight so it is long lasting and saves natural resources.

Environmental Certification


Shikkui is Cradle to Cradle certified at a Silver Level. Which demonstrates our product's commitment to preserving a healthy ecosystem.

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Shikkui contributes towards 11 LEED credits in the following categories: MR-1 (Building Reuse), MR-2
(Construction Waste Management), MR-4 (Recycled Content), MR-6 (Rapidly Renewable Materials), IEQ 4 (Low-Emitting Materials)

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leed certification logo


leed certification logo