About Us

Our vision

Your home should make you feel good. However, many of today’s building products contain a wide range of toxic chemicals that have a detrimental effect on your health and the environment. There are better ways to build and renovate, with materials and products that are natural, healthy for you & eco-friendly; a win-win situation for you & the environment. Working with these materials is part of our vision to transform and create healthier spaces for you and the planet. Living Green Homes is the distributor & installer for Shikkui materials namely Shikkui plaster, Limix Shikkui Marble Tiles, ShikkuiCUBE and Ecopo. You can purchase these products directly from us and we can provide you with a professional installer.

Our Products

Our living sustainable Shikkui products from Japan are Cradle to Cradle (Silver) certified, closing the loop from human to nature & reducing our carbon footprint. They are non-toxic, improve indoor air quality, & absorb VOCs. These are traditional and artisanal building products that have been used for centuries. We want to bring these building products to you so that we can create healthier spaces for you and your family while having little impact on our environment.

Our Story

Having worked in the construction and renovation industry we understand the growing need for better solutions to the common everyday toxins we settle for as building materials. It was not until we renovated our second home that we went in search of natural, eco-friendly options. This led us to discover Shikkui and its many exceptional attributes that we distribute and install today. We want to bring these building practices into our current everyday building industry so that we can start to create healthier spaces for you and your family with less harmful effects to the environment.