ShikkuiCUBE mold experiment

  1. Aim: Shikkui prevents mold
  2. Method: Comparison made under the same temperature (22 degrees Celsius) with100 mls of Water + Bread in a sealed container size (L:7" x W:12" x H:7") 
  3. Results:
  • After several days the bread in container 2 w/o ShikkuiCUBE started to show signs of mold. The bread in container 1 remained unchanged, free of mold.
  • After 1 month the bread in container 2 clearly shows mold while the bread in container 2 remained unchanged. As a result the ShikkuiCUBE placed inside container 1 prevented the bread from molding because the ShikkuiCUBE absorbed the moisture and mold spores inside the container.

Container 1 (Water + ShikkuiCUBE + Bread)

Container 2 (Water + Bread) 

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